About Us

Healthnutz Discount Nutrition is a locally owned nutritional supplement chain serving the greater Charlotte, North Carolina market. Opening its first location in April 2003, Healthnutz has strived to become the area’s leading retail market for affordable, high-quality vitamin and nutritional supplements. For those who haven’t visited our location or live outside our area, allow me to introduce who we are and what we aim to become.

For the past 13 years, we have grown out of our original location in Matthews, NC to a 5-store chain serving the greater Charlotte market. At the time of opening our Matthews store, local customers had few choices to find high-quality supplements at affordable prices. Most local retail stores were charging premium prices, forcing customers to look at alternative markets to buy their nutritional supplements. This emerging market became home to several new internet retailers and an idea of bringing that “internet-type” pricing model to a retail store. That idea became known as Healthnutz Discount Nutrition.


With a continually growing presence of national chain stores and the hundreds of internet retailers serving nutritional supplement customers, it’s hard to believe that our little concept 14 years ago has been able to survive. But the idea that was conceived in a Clemson University Business School Library in 2002; still remains relevant today: provide high-quality products at affordable prices, with a meticulous detail to customer service... a loyal customer base will be born. Without the help of our customers, Healthnutz would have become an all too familiar story of a great idea gone bad. 

If you live around our area, and have been searching for a locally-owned business that can fulfill your supplement needs…we hope to see you very soon. We understand that there are many internet retailers to choose from, so we appreciate you choosing Healthnutz as a trust-worthy source for great information, great products, and great pricing.